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Duke or UNC


Posted 12:45 pm, 10/02/2022


unc greatest ever

Posted 10:58 pm, 04/06/2017

Unc king of North Carolina again 7 time national champs

Clean it up

Posted 12:45 pm, 04/15/2016

Duke back on top where they belong

Bud Lt

Posted 7:43 am, 04/07/2015

Congrats to Duke on a great win and season.

Clean it up

Posted 11:28 pm, 04/06/2015

Wooo hoooo... Go Duke

Clean it up

Posted 8:41 pm, 03/29/2015

Duke is on to the final four. They should take care of Michigan State but after that I'm not that confident.

unc greatest ever

Posted 7:34 pm, 03/22/2015

Sweet 16 for heels. 4 acc teams in sweet 16 So far

Clean it up

Posted 6:02 pm, 03/22/2015

Sweet sixteen bound go Duke!

Bud Lt

Posted 10:35 am, 01/01/2015

Bump for the Duke Blue Devils

unc greatest ever

Posted 6:29 pm, 12/07/2014

Unc has looked like duke in a 1st rd. Ncaa tourney game. Only thing is a whole season to improve vs going home for year

Bud Lt

Posted 2:52 pm, 12/06/2014

They are terrible just terrible


Posted 2:02 pm, 12/06/2014

Haven't kept up. How has UNC done so far

Bud Lt

Posted 7:38 am, 12/04/2014

The Devils looked great last night.

Go Duke and check out the video......


Posted 10:09 pm, 06/21/2014

UNC na kubwa ni mashoga!

unc greatest ever

Posted 12:01 pm, 06/20/2014

Dook really sucks

Clean it up

Posted 10:48 am, 06/20/2014

unc sucks...that I know.


Posted 9:04 am, 03/26/2014

You welfare toting rednecks don't even have a GED. Get back to picking up aluminum cans and stop mouthing about something you're clueless about

unc greatest ever

Posted 11:31 am, 03/22/2014

Never said unc was a great team this season, unlike dook fans who think dook the best team are a final four team every year. Unc has been a avg. Team all season, still proud of them and support them. But there not close to being the best this year. Like I said last year, dook lost 3 Sr"s , I said be hard to replace. Dook fans said they would be a lot better. Ok, if hood & Parker leave, that's 3Sr"s, 2 underclassmen= 5 players. Add 4 top 20 freshmen. Have heard dook will be better, again good freshmen, but growing pains. Unc has everyone back + 3 top 20 freshmen, if macadoo comes back - l. MacDonald he's a Sr. That blends talent in with underclassmen,

unc greatest ever

Posted 11:18 am, 03/22/2014

Like I've said, unc & dook not the team's there used to having, unc shot is next 2 seasons, IF, everyone comes back or don't lose more than 1-2 players early. But you never can tell. Ncaa basketball a crapshoot anyone can beat anyone. In a 1 game winner take all format, no ones a shoein, unc could go to final four, not likely but look at 2010 dook team. Are they could lose by 30 points Sunday, the way ncaa basketball is this year ,I expect the unexpected, I was shocked mercer beat dook. 9 out 10 games dook I say would win, but for 1 game is all team needs in ncaa tourney


Posted 11:13 am, 03/22/2014

exactly!!..but the crybaby unc fan will never admit that...

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