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Alleghany County Schools Board of Education

wronghole willey

Posted 8:50 pm, 09/25/2017

Stay on topic! Wash your hands! Don't rub the cat there! When will it end? To stay on topic, lets pretend for a moment that ALL of this has or is happing. Someone mentioned in an earlier reply that we should call the news. When they ask about evidence. We can all hold hands, and tell them that everyone is talking about it. Do you **********s not understand how stupid that is? If the teacher was black, and got fired over it. Now that would get the news trucks up here. I'm sorry {Getting off topic again}. Since so many jurors on here have found everyone involved guilty, I nominate myself to be JUDGE and shall pass sentence. To all the male board members involved. You shall have your PICKLES inserted into old whiskey bottles full of yellow jackets, and be given Q-tips to break the glass. Two of the teachers shall be forced to open jars of jelly with rusted lids, using only their VIRGINNIES. To the teacher that no longer has to hide her relationship. I believe she has suffered enough . I think we should start a go-fund me page and feel sorry that she got so lonely that she let a ace hole like that crawl on top her......EVEN STEVEN??????


Posted 6:33 pm, 09/25/2017

They persist because their has not been any consequences for what they have and are doing as of yet.


Posted 5:03 pm, 09/25/2017

"Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error". Marcus Tullius Cicero


Posted 4:28 pm, 09/25/2017

Sorry didn't realize you've never made a mistake sorry dory


Posted 3:29 pm, 09/25/2017

"No ones going to cough up there name?"

Don't see you using your real name.

"If you think this is so bad why don't you guys run for school board next year and see how you do."

Do you mean how we would do with the lady teachers?


Posted 1:34 pm, 09/25/2017

No ones going to cough up there name? So everyone wants to just hide behind the computer screen and try and dish other people's lives. If you think this is so bad why don't you guys run for school board next year and see how you do.


Posted 10:00 am, 09/25/2017

It's disturbing to see that this has to be so far spread just to get administration to do the right thing. Especially since they know it's going on already. These are not the types of individuals that are needed to be role models for our children. Character is comprised of Ethics and Morals. Those guide individuals to do the right thing and not the buddy thing. Take charge alleghany.


Posted 7:48 pm, 09/24/2017

I think it's pretty obvious and out in the open. Affairs are actually going on with school board members and teachers.


Posted 7:51 am, 09/24/2017

If all these affairs are happening then show us the proof!!! I don't want to hear "they said" or "from what I hear" or "everyone is talking about it" I want proof! No proof then it's only gossip and we all know in this county gossip is rampant! If you have proof then step forward otherwise just go on with your daily life, get over the grudge you are carrying and enjoy what you have. Life's too short to constantly be bickering over something you can't prove!


Posted 8:24 pm, 09/23/2017

wronghole willy, you are too funny. Again off topic though. Stick to talking about the problem at hand please. Which is the school board members and the teachers having affairs. Thanks

wronghole willey

Posted 3:49 pm, 09/23/2017

honest, I think we are not on the same page. I wasn't trying to encourage you to do anything except to take the time to read over your future post a few times before hitting enter. I understand that its can sometimes be difficult to put thoughts into words. My post, If it did encourage anything? Hopefully gets you to finish one thought before interrupting it with another. P.S. Thanks for caring .


Posted 10:25 am, 09/23/2017

wronghole willy, good advice I guess. Looking straight ahead means going above administration to get things done. Your right, it's what needs to happen. Thanks for the encouragement to do so. P.S. I hope you safely removed that one finger

wronghole willey

Posted 12:23 am, 09/23/2017

honest, I know what your trying to say. You could of said it in two or three sentences instead of that mess of jumbled worlds you used. Just look straight ahead at the road, and not so much at the pretty flowers in the field. P.S. to the rest of you all. My fillings are very much hurt. Not a single one took time to guess about my " STRESS TEST " . The correct answer is ALL BUT ONE !!!!!!


Posted 3:23 pm, 09/22/2017

Why are people bickering back and forth. What does it matter how or for what reason all of this is being talked about. The problem is that school board members are having affairs with teachers. Adultery is a crime in north carolina not to mention morally wrong. It's a violation of ethics as well in this case as well. Remove the board members and fire the teachers. Why do people act like this is OK or what is acceptable behavior from people that are supposed to be role models for our children. When you tell your children not hang around certain people it's because you think that they might not be a good influence for your child to be around. It's no different in this case either. Just because they're not children and are in the positions that they are in does not mean that they are good influence's obviously. Administration needs to fire the teachers and the board members need to resign or be removed as well. If administration doesn't do anything then they all need to go. Stand up for what is right or fall for being wrong. It's time for people to take charge.

wronghole willey

Posted 10:58 pm, 09/21/2017

cowards 123. You little 3itch. I have you know my real name is wronghole willey. I explained how this happen in an earlier post. the first half dozens times were all accidents. It became a terrible habit that I cant control. It used to bring me a feeling of great joy. Now I feel sad and empty. All I can think about is what if I'd been more careful. Paid more attention to what I was doing......


Posted 10:13 pm, 09/21/2017

How about all you keyboard warriors talking trash go ahead and put your names on here instead of hiding behind your computer screens tearing down other people..


Posted 3:31 pm, 09/19/2017

To be honest, I have no idea if any or all of these rumors about infidelity are true, and to be honest, I do not see that as the biggest problem that we have here. The problems are our citizens that vote these guys in. We, for whatever reason, made a decision as voters to put these guys in office. Why? I am really not sure, but what we are left with is the result. The result is this. We have a 3 headed monster that is uneducated and unqualified who basically make all the decisions for the school system. They came in with agendas and those agendas have been taken care of. The three of them hire who they want and fire who they want because it only takes three votes to get things approved. That is not their fault, they are not smart enough to know better. Again, that is the citizens fault. They have hired a superintendent, who still today does not live and contribute to Alleghany County. His life is in Surry and that is where he spends his time and his money. He hired a new Assistant Superintendent that may rent an apartment here, but his life is still in Surry County. This is the same Assistant Superintendent that found this schools athletic programs beneath his children and moved them to Surry County. Coincidentally, once they were out of school, he landed back up here to take one of our highest paying positions. The string of administrators and principals from Surry County just continues to happen, and will continue to happen as long as the current superintendent is in place. I have no problem with hiring a person from Wisconsin if they are the most qualified person for the job, but I dont think expecting our highest paid employees to move here and become part of our community is too much to ask.

The other problem is micro management. This board has been and continues to be involved in WAY too much stuff. The job of the board is to hire good people and get out of their way and let them do their job. This group brow beat and ran off one of the best superintendents this school system has ever had, and I would imagine that morale is probably at an all time low and dropping. Our kids, parents, and teachers deserve better than what they are getting, and next November you will have a chance to make this right. I hope that everyone has seen the errors of their ways, and you will find it in your heart to elect qualified board members next time you vote because where we are now is sad, just plain sad.


Posted 10:56 am, 09/18/2017

iveseenenough FYI...several of the admin hired rent. Just b/c you've seen them out walking their dogs doesn't mean they own and pay property taxes.


Posted 6:51 am, 09/18/2017

This is the most ridiculous mess I have ever seen! I've hesitated even getting on here, and now I can see why! The things posted on here should not be posted for all of the world to see. Someone said on an earlier post that administrators are all from out of town. Why would anyone local want to take those jobs when they have parents, employees, and community members acting like they are on Jerry Springer! One thing is for certain, there are a few people on these posts that obviously did not get the job they wanted, so they are on here bashing the ones who did get the job to somehow make themselves feel better. There are also a few people on here who know more than they should about the pay of jobs, the qualifications, etc. As for administrators not living in the county and paying taxes, I have a child at a school in Alleghany County, and he does live in the county with his wife and children. I have seen a few of the other administrators out walking their dogs. Hard to do that if you don't live here and pay any taxes. This started as a way to bring attention to the behavior of some school board members. It has turned into an all out bashing of anyone in the school system that you don't agree with. Get a life.


Posted 5:04 am, 09/18/2017

runthemofff, what makes you assume that I am an administrator with the school system? Just because I sipeak with clarity and common sense does not mean that I work for the school system. I am an adult with common sense and enough morals not to post things I know nothing about! Justifying your posts about administrators intimidating employees by assuming that I am one, is just another way for you to feel better about running your employer in the ground. Just for the record, I too am retired and no, I have never worked for the school system. Maybe you should spend time watching the news or reading the paper, and you will see why social media policies are in place. It's not for intimidation, it is for common sense. Regardless of an employees issue with their employers, social media is NOT the place to handle it. That has been my point from the beginning. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power!

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