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Alleghany County Schools Board of Education


Posted 12:25 pm, 12/07/2017

You have done no different losers. Don't think anyone has said they were God. Voicing an opinion or passing along knowledge isn't necessarily passing judgement.if you feel like your being judged then maybe your guilty of something. Maybe you are either Chad Loggins or Kayla Collins and trying to cover up an affair. KARMA GETS EVERYBODY!!! Then YOU deal with GOD in the end.


Posted 10:40 am, 12/07/2017

So which one of you all is God because you all have passed judgment!


Posted 8:09 pm, 12/06/2017

I've seen marriages go through separations and end up stronger than before. I've seen marriages end and the two people hate each other. I've rarely seen a marriage end where the two people just agree. It's usually because most marriages end because someone is messing around with someone else because these days people seem to have a lack of morals, understanding of commitment or a fear of God. It is said that sin is like a credit card, enjoy now pay later. One thing I don't think I've ever seen is someone escaping Karma. When you do something to someone whether it be stealing, talking bad, treating them bad or cheating on them you can rest assured that Karma will return the favor for them. It always does and always will. I think people forget that when there doing the things they do. Dont get me wrong, I would like to see every family work out especially for the kids sake. They deserve it. So for the board members and teachers that have been discussed in this unethical affairs mess just think about what you've done to your families and remember that Karma is a *****!!! Then you answer to God in the end.


Posted 3:49 pm, 12/06/2017

A concerned parent? Miller is gone so whas the concern? Why bash Kaylas husband? Sounds more like covering up something than concern. This whole time you have talked crap to try and keep the focus off of an affair between Loggins and Collins. Now you say your a "concerned parent" while being behind a screen name. Maybe more like someone that's guilty. If you sit back and watch and listen to people you see what type of person they are. Doesn't seem like there's much to you nor Loggins or Collins for that matter (if your not one of them but by your posts one can only assume you are). Not leaving out the rest of the members and teachers having affairs either, it's just that you have tried to keep the focus off of Chad Loggins and Kaylas Collins this whole time. All need to go.


Posted 9:57 pm, 12/05/2017

How about a concerned parent wondering where their hard earned money was going.


Posted 8:21 pm, 12/05/2017

I kind of figure losers is either Chad Loggins or Kayla Collins as well. Keep trying to deflect the talks about an affair between Chad Loggins and Kayla Collins with talks about the old basketball coach and past posts trying to make it out like things were happening in her home to force her to leave. It's ridiculous. You both need to be removed from your positions. You know people talk. Sometimes you can tell it's crap and sometimes you get told things by people that know things. From what I've heard the affair between Chad Loggins and Kayla Collins is true. Which explains a lot of why her/you whichever would go around saying bad things about her/your husband and old basketball coach. Also tells me what type of person you/her, both, really are. Who someone is when not faking it in front of people tells all. I'll be voting for some new board members so they can get rid of people like that.


Posted 10:48 am, 12/05/2017

Losers, why would I actually go to Cooks or anywhere else and ask if Mr Miller has paid them? The only reason I can think of for someone to do that is to dig up dirt on him to possibly get the heat off themselves! If it is true then that is between him, Cooks and his maker. I don't play those games!!!!!


Posted 6:25 pm, 12/01/2017

Because one of the earlier post mentioned it FACTCHECKED


Posted 12:29 pm, 12/01/2017

Losers- what does Kerry Miller, basketball and his finances have to do with the fact that Board Members are involved in unethical relationships with teachers? Sounds like to me you are trying to deflect attention away from you. Looking at your verbiage, bad spelling and grammar, l can see why you want the finger pointed away from you and on to Kerry.


Posted 7:41 pm, 11/30/2017

It sounds to me like two people in it together. Meaning Chad Loggins and Kayla Collins. Which tells me a lot about what kind of people they are or what kind of person you are. Whichever the case may be. Add that to what the other two male board members and two teachers are/have done. Vote in new board members so they can clean house. You/They all need to go.


Posted 4:22 pm, 11/30/2017

Your exactly right what does that tell you people he ran for school board to get rid of a sorry *** coach. By the way he WON!!!! What does that tell you?


Posted 11:01 pm, 11/29/2017

The more I read the posts from losers the more I think they are one of two people. Either Chad Loggins or Kayla Collins. Either way, what does that tell you people? Seems awfully coincidental that it's about ball which is what he ran for school board on and she coaches and some past posts were trying to bash her husband. Board member or Teacher/Coach? I think it's time to vote some people in that will clean house.


Posted 1:05 pm, 11/29/2017

By the way the worst team in our league fired their coach after 3 losing seasons they didn't wait 5


Posted 12:24 pm, 11/29/2017

Go to max preps only one team in our conference with a worst record in the same time frame and that team had 3 no win season. For financial records you would have to deal with something other than cash but go to cooks or anyone else that he bought aau apparel from and see if they have been paid . If not where did all the money go from the fees he collected? Just saying it's all easy to check just do some research


Posted 11:14 am, 11/29/2017

I'm back! Losers I'm not sure you are correct about the coach's record and one more question for you...how do you check his financial record with AAU?


Posted 4:41 am, 11/17/2017

Here's what I think and know. I think it's obvious of the violations that have been committed by the board members and teachers. Ethics, Moral and Professional code of Conduct. I think it's obvious that we need new board members due to the Ethics violations and the new board members should fire the teachers due to the Professional code of Conduct violations. I think how someone conducts themselves in their personal lives tells more about them than anything else. Obviously, these people seem to have no Ethics or Morals which eliminates Character all together but yet they are in positions of leadership and influence. How can anyone lead someone else when they lack Character or Values. Losers seems to be defensive over all of this. I have to wonder if losers might be Kayla Collins based on their posts. (Didn't someone say losers threatened them. Don't think the State Board would let a teacher keep their license if convicted of communicating a threat, if losers is a teacher). They have put down her husband to the point of acting as if he has done horrible things. Anybody with at least half a brain knows better. Every marriage has problems but he hasn't done anything to deserve how he's been or being treated. The talks of abuse are garbage. Obviously, things were bad enough for people to think that Loggins and Collins were having an affair. She left home a couple months ago and is already with someone else from what I hear. So what does that tell you? Look who she's with verses who she left. The main difference is that it's not her husband, the father of their daughter among other differences. The reason I'm pointing this out is because people talk and I have been asked about it and know the family. Her husband and kid are getting the raw end of the deal. If you ask me she seems to be following the same thing her mom did to her dad. Saying bad stuff about her husband to get people to not think bad of her for what she's doing or has done. If you know him then you know better. I've witnessed first had the difference in how their daughter is with her verses being with him. She clearly seems happier with him. Not saying that she doesn't have fun with her mom, I'm saying that she seems happier with him and seems to prefer to be with him. What does that tell you? To me that speaks volumes. It's sad how someone gets treated that cares enough about their kid to even be willing to get past things for the sake of their kid. It's really sad that a kid is having to deal with it when she deserves better. I really and truly hope things turn around for them especially for the sake of their daughter. I'm here because I thought people should know a little bit before talking or thinking bad about him and I hope that this doesn't make things harder for them to possibly work things out. People make mistakes sometimes. It's if a person realizes they have made one or not and how they correct it that matters. Never understood how a house divided was ever better than one united or how people could ever think it would be. As far as the other people involved in the school mess, I don't know them well enough to comment on things other than the violations that have been committed. Those aren't new to anyone anyway.


Posted 4:05 pm, 11/16/2017

Well I looked at the coaches record worst record I've ever seen from any high school girls coach in the past 20 years. The best I can tel the reason you don't have any coaches is sites like this. So if to single people want to be in a relationship so be it. Your proof came from the loud mouth coaches wife who didn't get his high school coaching job back. By the way did anyone ever check his financial records for AAU! So don't get on here and preach unless you preach it all.


Posted 12:38 pm, 11/16/2017

I've read through all of this entire forum, to which I find numerous entries down right nasty! I'm going to give you my take on what I believe to be the most important issues.

1: We have had 2 board members that have clearly had affairs on their wives. Both have been proven and evidence was submitted to the board attorney by 2 different parties. That my friends isn't the true issue, sadly this happens quite a lot. The problem lies with whom the affairs were with. I could care less that they had affairs. What I do care about is this. Those men have put our school system in jeopardy of being sued in the future. So ok Williams and Russell are both divorced now and publicly displaying their relationship, all is good at this point. Not so fast. What happens if they split and Russell decides to sue the school system for sexual harassment among other things. Then whose responsible? As to the Collins/Loggins affair, I haven't found any proof of this, not saying it didn't happen, since she was brought in to do a job temporarily before being promoted to take over the girls basketball program. Kind of fishy if you ask me!

2: Upon given the evidence of one of the affairs, the board attorney who is the "BOARDS" attorney, lets the member involved know that he doesn't have to resign, and there's nothing anyone, other than his fellow board members can do to make him resign. So when you've got 1 other board member that is doing the same thing, 1 that is his best bud, and 1 that just wants to sweep everything under the rug, that leaves only 1 lonely member who actually did stand up and tell them they were in the wrong. So how do you get that vote to have him removed? You can't! There is nothing to be done unless the board themselves do so! They are a self governed board!

3: We have board members who made false accusations against faculty members, that found out about their affairs. These teachers were made to defend themselves for things they hadn't done, all because they busted a board member and his mistress. Talk about being vindictive, refer to #1.

4: Administration and faculty are all afraid to speak up for the what is the truth! I've spoken with staff and admins of Alleghany Schools, and the answer I get when I ask them about this whole unethical board mess, is we can't say or do anything because they can and will have us fired. Now what's wrong with this picture??

5: We have a board that got rid of a great coach, because of his wife calling out their unethical behavior. I've talked her and she just called it like she saw it, saying they should resign. One member who only ran to make sure this coach was let go, based on his dislike for the man. Their excuse after the fact is as Mrs. Loggins stated "He was let go because lack of wins and his inability to relate with the girls." Which by the way is a violation of personnel confidentiality! I strongly recommend you look closely at the last 5yrs of this coaches career and see that the wins significantly increased as well as they actually made the playoffs this past year to which they hadn't since 2012 I believe.

I have spoken to coach Miller and I'm certain there's more to do with parents and coach Miller not doing as the parents thought he should with their sweet angels, so parents complained and the board didn't have the balls to stand up to them. Who can relate to any kid, when their parents are home bad mouthing the coach? Too bad Coach Miller didn't sue the board for personnel confidence violations, since obviously they were discussing his employment outside the school system. No wonder they can't find coaches in this county!!! Who would want to put up with this kind of mess, let along parents who are never satisfied!

6: There are ethics violations all over the place with the board! We all see it! However, there is nothing any of us can do but to vote the uneducated idiots out! Yes I said uneducated! Only 2 of them have a degree beyond high school, and one doesn't even have a high school diploma! Really citizens?? We have voted these guys in based on what? We must do better! We as a county need to encourage good educated people to run for our school board! Our children, who are watching this mess mind you, deserve better!!! All of this mess is going on right in front of children! Why aren't they being better examples of what good ethical adults should be which is what you were elected for, instead of being so arrogant and portraying as though you are untouchable if you hold a place in political office.

To Suzanne and Amy: Stand up and make a motion for their resignation, especially the ones who you know there is proof!! That's what we want to see! Vote them out!!!


Posted 11:29 pm, 11/07/2017

I think that's what these posts are about Stopthesmearcampaign. Family is more important. At least it should be. Some people are just ignorant and don't care enough about their kids to make sure that the family is top priority.


Posted 7:01 pm, 11/07/2017

Haven't visited this site in quite a while. I can't believe this is still being discussed. Sorry but do you folks not have something better to do with your time...like talk to your kids and family. I'll check back in about a month and see if anyone had taken my advice. Remember no one is promised the next breath so make good use of your time. Family is far more important than all this drama.

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