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Alleghany County Schools Board of Education


Posted 11:35 pm, 03/29/2018

I am a Donald Trump fan. He has done ok for this country.


Posted 7:51 am, 03/28/2018

Does anyone here support Trump? Just wondering. Relectant to say?


Posted 7:43 pm, 03/26/2018

Stopthesmearcampaign- I think the candidates have shown who they are already don't you. We all have sinned your right but when no remorse is shown nor an attempt to make things right then they must not think that they have sinned or have made a mockery of their positions. That one includes the teachers/varsity girls coach as well. Now Jason carpenter is running for school board which does seem to just be to try and ensure that coach Collins keeps her job after the affair rumors. It's not like he'll get rid of her. She is dating his brother after all. It's sad that people chase things just to find out they had it all to begin with because they always do and in turn hurt the people that should have meant the most. Their spouse and kids. So yes I agree, should know who your voting for or this kind of stuff thatvhas happened will not stop because without consequences or reprocussions why should it. Think about it.


Posted 9:48 am, 03/25/2018

I hope you all realize we have at least one very liberal candidate on the ballot. Everyone needs to make sure they know exactly what these candidates stand for. If you support their agenda then by all means vote for them. I for one will not vote for someone who supports and participates in gun control marches! Talk to those running and ask questions. If an incumbent has done a good job for the kids don't hold their sins against them for we have all sinned. I guess my message is just get to know the candidates and stop listening to gossip.


Posted 11:03 am, 03/18/2018

Yes, it very much looks like an attempt to try to make sure a job is kept. If current male school board members are re-elected or if Jason Carpenter is elected then how would she lose her job. People talk about God and that's great but you can't convince someone that they're going against God when they are just acting on feelings. Mature adults don't just act on feelings. Christian adults try to do what God says to the best they can ( or are supposed to anyway). I don't think it's judging when one points out the obvious and it's obvious that God is not in it. If God was then she would be working on her marriage instead of doing what she's doing because that what God says we are to do. God doesnt destroy marriages, he heals, restores and makes them stronger because that's what He says he does. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. He does that by encouraging doing things based on feelings instead of the word of God. Good luck convincing someone of that when they only care about how THEY feel and not the word of God. Yes a marriage should be fixed and a family put back together because it is the right and Godly thing to do. However, when the devil has a grip with feelings then it's hard to encourage someone or point out that this is wrong. People always realize they screwed up. We all have to answer to God in the end for the things we do. I think everybody can see at this point what has really gone on regarding all this. If you want things to be better for your kids then you have vote to change and not the same. It's rhat simple.


Posted 10:02 am, 03/18/2018

Hahaha. Yeah that's pretty interesting. It's bad enough that she's hindered by the "affair rumors" but it seems obvious that Kayla Collins would do whatever it took to get or keep something. It's bad enough to screw up your family, be with Brady (hahahahahahaha), now conveniently his brother Jason Carpenter is running for school board, just to come to First Baptist Church (only when she has her kid though that I have seen). I'm not God nor am I judging her but I'm not sure she understands just how obvious things are. Desperate moves from desperate people in an attempt to try and keep her job is exactly the opinion of others. Wonder what would happen if one asked for forgiveness from God. Of course that means one has to repent, which means stop what ones doing and go the other way. That means doing the Godly thing and right thing in fixing ones marriage. Of course that would depend on one's spouse now I guess. It is said that if one goes out side of God to get something, they have to stay out side of God to keep it. We all know what staying outside of God gets us in th end. I'm a sinner myself, not perfect nor judging. Just words for thought based on what the Bible says but to each there on. Please vote wisely Alleghany. The kids deserve it.


Posted 1:14 pm, 03/16/2018

Hummmm.... thanks for sharing... I find it very interesting


Posted 12:55 am, 03/16/2018

Well it's interesting that Jason Carpenter who is the brother of Brady Carpenter to which Kayla Collins is now dating is running for school board. Does anyone else find that convenient for her or what. How else to try to ensure that you keep your job after affair rumors than to have the brother of the one your now dating possibly become a school board member. I suggest people think about who they vote for or things will never change.


Posted 1:27 am, 03/11/2018

I am just glad to see so many candidates in the race for the Board of Education.


Posted 1:02 pm, 03/10/2018

Vote for whoever you want. You’re not changing my mind


Posted 8:59 pm, 03/04/2018

Social2, the comment of they have kids is exactly why they should have kept there buttstock at home and kept tending to there own grass. They don't say the grass isn't greener on the other side for no reason. The three male school board members need to go. Then work on the teachers and administration if necessary. These people clearly have no problem making a mockery of there positions. Everybody knows, it's no secret. Voting for these people only shows the lack of ethics, morals and how little someone thinks about the types of influences their kids are exposed to.


Posted 8:20 am, 02/16/2018

And Social..... I am sorry to tell you.... I think he is already taken...meaning he has a girlfriend... although I’m sure he will appreciate your vote!!!


Posted 8:13 am, 02/16/2018

Social, sounds as if you have problems too. Maybe you should spend more time in church and less time posting on this subject.


Posted 3:30 am, 02/16/2018

Every bible thumper on this post is lying to there selves. You have all had lust in your hearts at some point in time. They have kids! I bet you set beside your wives in church and check out how nice the other ladies look in there Sunday dresses


Posted 10:43 pm, 02/15/2018

Hahaha To even say he's got your vote because you think he's dreamy clearly defines the problems at hand.


Posted 9:47 pm, 02/15/2018

You people are crazy. He’s got my vote. He’s dreamy!!!


Posted 6:48 pm, 02/15/2018

Dear Forestgump,
Just because he is running for re-election doesn’t mean he already has been re-elected. Please don’t count your chickens before they are hatched...! Or in your case life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you might get.


Posted 12:27 pm, 02/15/2018

Well, well, well, to all of you who were calling Raleigh about the board members, or demanding their removal, guess what, current board members who are up for re-election are running again. Flap them jaws some more about how big you are.


Posted 8:15 am, 02/12/2018

How about everyone commenting on this thread stepping up and go file for Board of Ed? If allegations stated here are true and you're so into these peoples lives and marriages and not to mention your expressed opinions on how things should be handled at the BOE why aren't all of you on that ticket? Some here are obviously upstanding Christian people. From what I have read many of you have such great abilities and knowledge to make all the right decisions in your life and on the board if elected. Maybe God will lead you to file. Pray about it. Do it. Put your name where your mouth is. Make Alleghany Better.


Posted 5:09 pm, 02/03/2018

Families have been hurt by these people's stupidity and selfishness. Yeah it takes two to but it only takes one to keep it screwed up. How can parents not want to work on things. How can one not want if the other does. When kids are involved they should mean more than ones selfishness. What kind of parent would want to do this to their kids. How could a split family ever be better. The problem is when pride, stubbornness and everything else takes over. Where would we be if God just gave up on us? Love is more than a feeling. We love our kids when we're mad as crap at them and we would forgive them how ever many times necessary. That what couples should do. That's what God tells us to do. No marriage is beyond repair. Every marriage is worth continuing to fight for especially when kids are involved. Grow up people. Your supposed to be adults and parents. God, spouse and kids are what's important. Start acting like it before things get worse.

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