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Chief of police


Posted 11:08 pm, 09/07/2018

Just stumbled upon some pictures shared by the chief of my daughter.


Posted 6:46 pm, 08/26/2018

Let me enlighten you on the deal with the Chile’s and why nothing will ever be done. This town spouts off about changing and growth and the powers that be want us to believe they have the best interest of our community, shows huh? Just remember all this when election time is here. The town manager has direct oversight on the chief and the council members have direct oversight on the town manager. So with that being said you know the saying sh** flows downhill.


Posted 10:41 pm, 08/25/2018

Can someone please enlighten me about how in the hello Betsy the current chief of police at Sparta keeps the job. One he is never at work ....I was in the office this week to pay a bill and I happened to walk past his office it looks like an amazon storage room. Why would he and the wife have packages sent to his office and not his residence? Why does one never hear him praise any of his officers like the sheriff does? The answer is this he is never at work . How can the town council and town manager let this behavior go on and on and on. That department is in shambles and where is the chief well that isbthe million dollar question. I call on the elected officials of the county to investigate the chiefs behavior!

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