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County Government Nepotism


Posted 9:48 am, 01/10/2020

Anyone hear, or see any news from Smyth County recently?

jack rip her

Posted 6:25 am, 12/08/2019

I noticed the promotion and the raise of the clerk to the board. Funny this happens after the board fires the county manager. Alleghany county is paying employees the lowest pay in the state compared to counties across the state.

This is not the first big raise handed out. Look at the inspection department a few years ago. I feel sure I have missed a few more.


Posted 2:50 pm, 11/19/2019

Bad situation is getting worse by the day. Spending spending spendingon new and unnecesary county positions


Posted 9:07 pm, 10/18/2019

Sounds like some dirty dealing going on in the co managers office lately. Empoylee handed promotion and (more money) without the boards knowledge. New position created and no job posted either. someone needs a talking to. or maybe just voted out. Maybe the A News should do a story.


Posted 12:42 pm, 09/17/2019

Gossip Queen will get to the bottom of it just give her time She thinks the local hillbillies aren't as smart as she is.


Posted 11:40 am, 09/07/2019

I agree it's a joke !!


Posted 4:55 pm, 09/06/2019

I apologize. This was not intended for a public post. Only a private message and I cannot delete it off of here now?!


Posted 11:25 pm, 09/05/2019

Interim County Manager (who is an employee of the county now) and the head of the Finance Office are brother and sister in law. I didn't think family could work together in those two positions. Has everyone forgotten this little factoid? Why is this being allowed or overlooked? Why is no one asking questions about what is going on?

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