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Didn’t we elect a Sheriff?


Posted 10:25 pm, 04/23/2020

Absolutely. As I watch the Commissioners meeting this very second the commissioners have voted to allow an outside party mow within the city limits because the person was reassured he would get the job... (he has already bought a new mower) why can't the persons employed by the county mow. You guys are all tore up about the Sheriffs depart. Maybe you should worry about other things!


Posted 8:22 pm, 04/23/2020

1Adam12 Apparently you are very well connected. However there are much bigger fish to fry. Sheriff Maines and his deputies do a good job. After you posted their salaries I believe they probably aren't paid enough. Thanks for posting.


Posted 1:21 pm, 04/23/2020

Mr. 1Adam12, you sound like an amazing one-man team! I can't wait to see your campaign material when you run for Sheriff and can show us how much better you can accomplish everything our current Sheriff and team does! I think he and his staff are doing pretty good.


Posted 9:35 pm, 04/22/2020

Wardog, I personally travel a great deal and I always see the deputies patrolling. I don't understand the comment "sharing an office cot." They do a good job. They carry a burden not many would choose to carry themselves. I believe we should be encouraging them instead of putting them down.


Posted 7:28 pm, 04/20/2020

If the commissioners had an ounce of common sense they would cut funding to the two vacant positions. It would probably improve morale tremendously.... They wouldn't have to share the office cots for nap time.


Posted 6:50 pm, 04/20/2020

1Adam12 you seem up to date with what is currently going on at the sheriff's office. I can't for the life of me think of who the fourth k-9 is or their handler for that matter. Are you counting victim services as sworn officers?


Posted 5:33 pm, 04/20/2020

This is a breakdown of the some of the sheriff's department positions, pay grades, and salaries. This DOES NOT include the jail staff salaries, dispatcher salaries, vehicles, vehicle maintenance, gasoline/fuel, uniforms, dog food for four canines, veterinary bills, overtime, training, or anything else.

Sheriff Pay Grade: 77 $57,640.00
Chief Deputy/Captain Pay Grade: 71 $44,682.00
Detective/Lt. Pay Grade: 69 $40.497.00
Patrol Lt. Pay Grade: 67 $42,192.00
Victim Services Supervisor Pay Grade: 67 $35,660.00
General Crimes & SA Investigator Pay Grade: 66 $36,002.00
General Crimes Investigator Pay Grade: 65 $36,023.00
Narcotics Investigator Pay Grade: 65 $34,617.00
Deputy Sgt. (1) Pay Grade: 65 $34,617.00
Deputy Sgt. (2) Pay Grade: 65 $34,617.00
Deputy Sgt. (3) Pay Grade: 65 $34,617.00
Deputy Sgt. (4) Pay Grade: 65 $34,617.00
SRO Sgt. (1) Pay Grade: 65 $38,621.00
SRO (2) Pay Grade: 62 $30,776.00
SRO (3) Pay Grade: 62 $30,776.00
SRO (4) Pay Grade: 62 $30,776.00
Deputy/Grant (1) Pay Grade: 62 $31,084.00
Deputy (2) Pay Grade: 65 $35,313.00
Deputy (3) Pay Grade: 62 $31,084.00
Deputy (4) Pay Grade: 62 $30,776.00
Deputy (5) Pay Grade: 62 $30,776.00
Deputy (6) Pay Grade:62 $30,776.00
Deputy (7) Pay Grade: 62 $31,084.00
Victims Advocate Pay Grade: 62 $29,310.00
Executive Assistant Pay Grade: 64 $34,638.00

Total $877,730.00

And the sad thing is, there are currently TWO MORE DEPUTY POSITIONS that can be filled at Pay Grade 62 for a combined cost $71,036. As I stated above, these figure DO NOT include the jail staff salaries, dispatcher salaries, vehicles, vehicle maintenance, gasoline/fuel, uniforms, dog food for four canines, veterinary bills, overtime, training, or anything else. We may need to fund a new Law Enforcement Center to accommodate all of these folks, 25 of them. 27 when they fill the vacant positions. Probably need to think about a parking deck too.



Posted 11:30 am, 04/20/2020

Pay attention and if you have been paying attention you would know that you had a free wheeling and free spending interimum mgr. Evans spent a fortune while he was in the mgrs chair. He added many unneeded,pay increases, and new admisistrative positions to the county. These were not one time costs, they are annual costs, and as mgr he failed the citizens. As co mgr he should have known at that during his time as inter. mgr that the county fund balance was already depleted and he just kept on spending and spending.


Posted 9:38 am, 04/20/2020

What is amazing to me is how Carlton Edwards single-handedly ran the sheriffs department for years. As chief Deputy he answered calls, made arrests and did all the detective work. Now we have a chief Deputy who is strictly administrative, according to him, and basically does nothing. This along with a half dozen detectives sitting around all day. If they had anything at all to do then there wouldn't be a half dozen cars at every call they receive. This tells me they are just like a bunch of firemen sitting around waiting on the next call at taxpayers expense. How can this be justified? If the chief deputy wants to be administrative then he should be paid like a secretary or an administrative assistant. That position would be a good place for the commissioners to start looking at.


Posted 8:05 am, 04/20/2020

LAPD rides two to a car, I'm sure that will be next or another fantasy request... wait and see. His requests are not vetted by the commissioners... they are rubber stamped. I doubt anyone has checked or followed up to see If his extravagant budget is warranted and if the taxpayers are getting screwed with his wish list..


Posted 6:13 am, 04/20/2020

The little Hobbit should be ashamed of himself. Everyone's tax bill in July will go through the roof. Just so he can back slap and kiss @#%$ with his sleepy eyed deputy detectives.


Posted 4:49 am, 04/20/2020

So, you don't feel that we as taxpayers have a right to question the extravagant expenditures that have been taking place in our county? This isn't China or Russia! We still have freedom of speech and the right to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. As for us hiding behind screen names, is headshaker the name on your birth certificate? I hate to admit it but I voted for Sheriff Maines twice. You might as well get used to the concept that we as taxpayers have EVERY RIGHT to raise questions and demand accountability from our elected officials. This isn't The Alleghany News propaganda machine that is doing it's weekly smoke and mirrors trick to keep the taxpayers uninformed of what's really going on with the sheriff's office. I have to go to work now to help pay for some of this extravagance. Put your feet back up on your desk and relax. It may be a long, hot summer.


Posted 11:10 pm, 04/19/2020

I find it funny how so many of you on here are slamming this person and that person, this decision, that decision. It's easy to be critical when you are hiding behind a username on the internet. When was the last time any of you ever attended a Commissioner's meeting and question some of the things that you are so concerned about now? The meetings are public and there is a public comment portion before the meeting on the agenda and after the meeting for other things.

I don't think any of you have the right to continue to complain unless you have tried to do something about it other than talk or criticize it to death. ****, I bet half of you haven't even voted! If not, you have NO room to say anything about what goes on.
Why don't you all step from behind your computer screens and show the same courage and disdain for the situations and do something about it for a change?!!!


Posted 10:23 pm, 04/19/2020

We can't afford his agenda. Someone needs to man up and just say NO...


Posted 10:18 pm, 04/19/2020

AMEN 1 Adam12. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. How and why did the commissioners get sucked into this. Someone said earlier- Fear. Maines and his #2 mouthpiece went before the board with a long list of "what if's" what if something happens at one of the schools, what if, what if. They played the commissioners and they fell for it. Sure it would be nice to have deputies at every school along with a full time drug officer but those are WANTS not a NEED. We have to live within our means. If some of the largest counties can't swing it, how can we, without breaking the backs of the property owners. Paying each resource officer a full salary, health insurance, retirement, equipment etc... Seems to me they could contract or pay a private security company to do it for 10's of thousands less. Not to slight Glade or Piney but seems a little overkill to pay a full time deputy to sit at a school where there are 100 to 200 kids? Larger counties with a much stronger tax base can't do it but we can? I guess he will be up there asking to double the number of deputies so they can ride two to a car since we live in such a Wild West, crime ridden county.


Posted 10:59 am, 04/19/2020

Comparing apples to oranges huh? Please enlighten us on the distinct differences between using the same amount of manpower that a county of 24,371 uses and gets by with. I failed to mention that Roaring Gap Club has their own security, which should further reduce your department's responsibility. Would you like to tell us what the previous sheriff's budget was when he left office and what the current sheriff's budget is as of right now? I know what the numbers are and it's appalling. I'm giving you a chance now to tell us because I promise you that the figures are going to come out. By the way, also tell us why a county of our size and limited tax base needs four canines and four handlers. And while you're at it, tell us how many vehicles that the sheriff's office currently has tagged and insured. As for me moving to Ashe County, we may all have to relocate if some fisical responsibility doesn't take place soon. I work hard to provide for my family and keep a roof over our heads, and like most folks, we have to live within our budget.


Posted 10:05 am, 04/19/2020

You are comparing apples to oranges. Or maybe Adam 12 needs GPS to tell him/her that we are not Ashe Co. Feel free to move over there !


Posted 3:53 pm, 04/18/2020

Interesting points bro and adam12. As I said before, be leery of a back slapping politician. He has been given free reign with the county checkbook. I hope Mr Carter brings some common sense decision making instead of more back slapping favors. And bashful, This county's finances are in pitiful shape. Mismanagement and bs have overtaken sound government practices. I understand your views and respect them but we cannot continue down this buy now and pay for it later path we are on.


Posted 1:16 pm, 04/18/2020

Consider this. The Alleghany County Sheriff's Office now has as many deputies as the Ashe County Sheriff's Office. Alleghany County's population is 11,155. Remove Sparta's population, which is 1,770, because it has a police department , the population drops to 9,385. The total square miles in Alleghany County is 237. Remove Sparta's total square miles, which is 2.4, and the number drops to 234.6 total square miles.

In contrast, Ashe County's population is 27,281. Remove Jefferson's population, which is 1,611, because it has a police department. Also remove West Jefferson's population, which is 1,299, because it has a police department. The number drops to 24,371. The total square miles in Ashe County is 429. Remove Jefferson's total square miles, which is 2.1, and the number drops to 426.9. Remove West Jefferson's total square miles, which is also 2.1, and the number drops to 424.8 total square miles.

Sheriff Maines has champagne taste and Alleghany County taxpayers have a beer pocketbook. I don t entirely place alll of the blame on the sheriff and his Delusion of Grandeur. The county commissioners have given him carte blanche when it comes to his budget. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Budgetary restraints by the county commissioners are going to have to be enacted immediately to get this situation under control. This goes way beyond politics, this is about right and wrong. Our county is broke!


Posted 1:11 pm, 04/18/2020

You are absolutely correct. Regardless of others opinion the county commissioners have the last say about funding. And they certainly have blown through some money. I suggest you people who are speaking out of your butts go to a commissioners meeting and ask for full explanation of where your tax money is going . Next thing you people will be complaining about is the salary of the sheriff and deputies.

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