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Durham Family Murders


Posted 4:49 pm, 09/02/2022

countryguy - I sent you a private message regarding this thread.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:25 am, 08/23/2022

Dog considering I did not vote until this year again I seeiously doubt it. I had to reregister to even vote but I didn't do it as an damacat.


Posted 2:17 pm, 08/21/2022

I bet you voted for the fired Johnny trooper krazy.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:51 am, 08/21/2022

Chendo if the cops visited you I guarantee you I haven't talked to any of them or seen any since election day when I saw the sheriff. Why woukd I bother since I know 4 here who coukd use a good EXLAX cause they are full of it and terribly CONSTIPATED


Posted 7:24 pm, 08/20/2022

Again...she knows not of which she speaks.

Who labeled or slandered you and how?


Posted 4:16 pm, 08/20/2022

Krazy you break Ashe county ordinances each minute and health department regulations. So dial them up cow.

Green Arrow

Posted 2:40 pm, 08/20/2022

Chendo really?? Did the the cops visit you??? Do they know you as Chendo or who you really are?? They probably shoukd visit a few of the ones on this site with the lies they tell. If I knew the actual idebtity of sone here COPS would be the least of your worries. There woukd be both libel and slander suits galour.


Posted 10:56 am, 08/20/2022

Krazy...I mean you tried to get some people on here in trouble with the cops and lawyers...

they are still laughing at you

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 10:14 am, 08/20/2022

There's an old saying. You are the company you keep.

Green Arrow

Posted 9:48 am, 08/20/2022

Chendo tried what?? If I get curious about something I set out to learn about it. The day I quit learning is the day I am gone from this world. But I still think a book about the Eric Lawrence Call murder farce would make a **** of a book if anyone ever learns the truth instead of the made up bs the jury heard. But we all know and I do since I sat through every minute of that trial, they could not even identify a murder weapon. Oh it could have been this or this or maybe we don't have it at all. They could never PROVE the murder victim had ever been in the accused vehicle but yet they NEVER at any time to my knowledge went over an identical Toyota truck having larger tires belonging to the best friend, yea of the accused wife. Oh never mind wifey moved in with best friend after the arrest and got **** BEAT out of her for her trouble. How do I know because I TOOK HER TO THE ER. Never mind old best friend beat his wife so badly in Atlanta Ga she almost lost the baby she was carrying. None of that was admissable to the case Ashe County HAD THEITLR SCAPEGOAT. Never mind everybody and his brother was in that field the bight of the murder. Never mind tire tracks did not match the accused vehicle. Had I never know the accused or anything about that case and been on that jury I could never have sentenced anyone to death on what I saw in that courtroom. But **** we all know Ashe County has the best detectives if you have the money. Can't find a witness, can't find a person to serve a paper on, but **** they will issue a warrant for that last. Really is it a perp finding warrant with a built in detector?? **** they didn't even know how to check a computers history to see if it was accessed when NOT in the owners possession. Now that would make a book not that Ashe County would allow it any more than the Southern Justice episode when they discussed with me what I thought of Ashe County's legal bumbles.


Posted 9:34 pm, 08/19/2022

And yet you tried


Green Arrow

Posted 2:41 pm, 08/19/2022

Marie, now I need one of those smart unbrellas when the bs starts falling here. I find them amusing with the report the ip and call the cops. Like tge coos give a rap about the fins, dog, chendo or goat. They aren't worth the bother.


Posted 11:52 am, 08/19/2022

But, But, the Umbrella Mans Umbrella was actually a AR 15 toned down????? Ya know, one of those Smart Umbrellas...


Posted 10:49 am, 08/19/2022

Who was the second shooter?

There was never a "3rd shooter conspiracy theory"

the conspiracy theorists alleged that there was indeed another shooter on the grassy knoll...thereby making him the 2nd shooter...not the 3rd...

you are a special kind of stupid


Posted 8:24 am, 08/19/2022

Good lord, it's always drugs with the village idit. The Durham murders were in 1972. Christmas trees were not a big business in the area. The family owned the local Cadillac dealership. Another local car dealer ended up with Cadillac after their deaths.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:07 am, 08/19/2022

The third gunman on the grassy knole is a conspiracy theiry that more than Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F Kennedy in 1963. I was 8 years old in 63 so why exactly woukd tge Sheriffs office want an ip address on an 8 year old who did nowhave acomputer or even access to a car. Why would Jason want to give out an ip address abd identify the ones who keep stalking a person they claim to know the identity of. Its what keeps this site going, the bullying of people some think won't fight back. Some here have followed me from site to site, thread to thread since 2004.


Posted 6:15 pm, 08/18/2022

However, that is not necessarily true. You have the option to choose if your I_P address replaced or not. You could be using your neighbor's address or McDonalds address. Just because the cops trace an I_P address don't mean they got the right person. You might remember that if you ever go to court.


Posted 6:12 pm, 08/18/2022

Look at you two criminals.


Posted 6:11 pm, 08/18/2022

I tried to say that but for some reason Jason has block me from using I_P.

Green Arrow

Posted 6:04 pm, 08/18/2022

Yes, but tge ip address accordibg to what I understand changes when the phone gets turned off and back on. Inlike some I do not intend to hide my ip address, I am not that paranoid about someone knowing who I am. Of course if the government keeps N on I may change my mind

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