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Governor Roy Cooper National Democratic Party Puppet


Posted 1:00 pm, 06/29/2019

Anyone who votes Democrat is voting for Satan at this point. They believe in sexualizing children, infanticide, open boarders, and they totally hate Christians. Any Democrat who says s/he is a Christian is either developmentally disabled or is a charlatan. I have tested this assertion about Christianity, by the way. When I have asked Democrats if they believe the Bible in its entirety, they all say NO. THE TRUTH IS NOT IN YOU!

If you vote Democrat, you have to hate yourself and your country.


Posted 12:06 am, 04/19/2019

Roy Cooper again shows he will do what ever the Nation Democratic Party says! Today he vetoes another Pro Life bill! Even if a child is able to survive an attempted abortion, Roy says you can kill it anyway!
WOW?! I am amazed at the morals of our politicians and the people who vote for them!
If we can get enough people to vote Democrat, we may just kill off the human population one BABY at a time! The conservative voters need to take notice and show up to vote! We all are fuming over the decision makers both here in North Carolina and the country, but nothing changes because we try to be civil about our opinions.
It is clear the us conservatives must be more vocal in the future!

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