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What's Happening in Alleghany....let it go aleady


Posted 2:48 pm, 07/10/2019

Interesting that Ms. Swenk had the Winston Salem Journal article about the Sparta 4th of July Parade Pride float posted to her personal Facebook page and then took it down After all the pushing she did for this float, she has not posted any pictures of it. I guess she doesn't want the citizens of Independence to become upset with her and run her candle shop out of town. Playing it politically safe in VA but doesn't have the same respect for Alleghany.


Posted 2:24 pm, 06/29/2019

Haha! Ewwhhh… A secret progressive group? What must they talk about, besides the destruction of America? Let me guess.. They love "choice" but don't want to consider that intercourse is a choice. Therefore, kill the child. And, yes - Atheist scientists have already established that an embryo is human. Eventually, progressives admit it. Ultimately, they don't care. It is the VALUE of the life that matters.

Let me guess again. If they are indeed holding a "secret meeting", I am wondering if they partake in other activities. I am thinking... merry part... New Age? Dunno.

I get a girls meeting, but to announce it as secret is weird, and you know it. It also sounds like it will be boring without food, but I wouldn't trust the food.

Anyway, just an observation!


Posted 11:47 am, 02/22/2019

007bro you are also hiding behind a secret name too. Unless your birth cert states 007bro as your legal name, which I doubt. Lmao

I'm with squad336, that group pg and restaurant need to leave now. #byehunni


Posted 3:07 pm, 02/20/2019

I don't have a dog in this fight at all but it seems hypocritical to be posting about secret groups and you're posting anonymously on here behind a secret name?


Posted 11:57 am, 02/18/2019

the admin of the group pg What's Happening in Alleghany is at her **** again. Now creating a "secret" group Alleghany Progressive movement, for her politically "like-minded" peers to talk secretly about their ideas without being hated or ridiculed. Give me a **** break, if you'd keep your nose out of everybodys business in Alleghany you wouldn't need to hide in secret groups and talk ****. This girl has to be the biggest drama queen i know. And to beat it all, she recruited the co-owner of Muddy Creek to join in on the secret page with her. And we wonder why Muddy Creek didn't win the favorite restaurant voting...... who wants to eat where there is secret political agendas happening. Not me!

I left that page months ago. It's nothing but controversy and political bull****.

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