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Boone is really getting bad
https://www.youtube....sist app=1

Any DirecTV customers here?
AT&T has said they have launched their last satellite. Soon your service will be brought to you entirely through the internet. https://sp...

Election Results
The results won't start coming in until later tonight, but please use this thread to discuss them as they occur. You can see the most acc...

$500,000 to be funneled to campaign contributors
In the guise of increasing funding to the states Sheriff departments, the new NC budget is trying to hide $500,000 to be given to a softw...

what's for breakfast?
What are u having?

Plant That Causes Severe Burns, Blindness Grows In NC
As you've probably heard by now, giant hogweed, an invasive species of plant that can leave you with third degree burns or blind, was rec...

Hosts Sought for International Exchange Students
Alleghany County is actively seeking families to host foreign exchange students for the remainder of the current school year as well as ...

Dear Mr Mayor As I sit here without electricity in the city limits of Sparta, it chaps my hind end. I am all for the Christmas lights. Ho...

The town looks so good at night. the lights, Christmas decorations, the store windows . so much time and effort put into the painted figu...

School Board Results
Congratulations, Alleghany County! Our school board has 2 new members who are as clueless as the two leaving! What a slap in the face to ...

Local Gossip busy body
local gossip queen is at it again, just can't mind her own busines. gossips by her email list and then throws in her superior wisdom to b...

Let's Play a Game - Word Association
Here's the game: I say a word, and someone else says the first word that comes to his/her head, then someone else says the first word tha...

Creston evactuation
Officials in Ashe County, N.C., told residents in the community of Creston to evacuate their homes Sunday night as a dam holding back wat...

Chief of police
Can someone please enlighten me about how in the hello Betsy the current chief of police at Sparta keeps the job. One he is never at work...

Let's party for Labor Day

John Worth Wiles for North Carolina House District 90
Good Afternoon, I am posting to both introduce our campaign and to ensure that those who frequent GoAlleghany are aware of our campaign. ...

p.e. once a week....whats next
so hows everyone feeling about p.e. one day a week?

AHS parking lot
Has anyone laid eyes on the Alleghany High School parking lot lately. It has yet to be fixed. Huge pot holes where the students have to e...

Dump Fees - Now you pay to dump furniture and brush in Sparta
Dump Fees - Alleghany County is now charging to throw away furniture and brush.

Going’s on at the Sparta PD
I heard at the post office today that Our local town police have yet Another Vacancy? I am not counting or anything but the turn over at ...


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