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Y'all Aint Going to Boycott
"The former first lady is expected to headline an event at Mar a Lago on Saturday, hosted by the Log Cabin Republicans a pro LGBT ...

Imagine getting upset
Because a school posted rules that said don't kill people. That is today's Democrat Party

Honest political poll
Please comment on this thread if you... 1. Plan to vote in November 2. Are currently undecided on whether you will vote for Trump or Biden

More and more people are coming out this year.
Celebrities, online personalities, business owners and especially minorities. They are publicly endorsing Trump! They don't seem to care ...

The hidden costs of owning a home are surging for Americans, Thanks Joe!
The price for owning a home is rising rapidly and we're not just talking about mortgage payments. US homeowners are now paying an avera...

Do you think that current and former Presidents and VPs should be immune from state prosecution?
Be honest... do you think that all Presidents and Vice Presidents, current and former, should be forever immune from prosecution for stat...

Facts on undocumented immigration
Biden's policies have stopped about 4 times as many border jumpers as Trump's... https://www.cbp.gov/newsroo...statistics ICE has arreste...

New website will track crimes allegedly committed by Joe's illegal immigrants
A new website has been launched that tracks crimes allegedly committed by illegal immigrants in the U.S.Restoration News, which is connec...

Hillary Saved the World. Buy her New Book to Learn About It !!!
https://thehill.com/blogs/i... new book

Do you really want a country run by criminals?
Do you want a President or politician in power that can ignore the law?

Have you seen the TV commercial that says Biden is making big corporations pay their fair share?
In reality Joe has let them screw the American consumer seven ways from Sunday. Especially the beef industry. Bought any steak or hamburg...

The quote tweeted by numerous right wing propagandists, including Trump Junior, George Papadopoulous, Trump War Room, and other Russian p...

Putting aside the fact that Trump was initially responsible for escalating immigration from a problem to a crisis. Bidens handling of the...

Being Christianity teaches religion
Which religion will promise you eternal life for following THEIR religion?

The politically motivated prosecutions targeting Trump
We have witnessed politically motivated prosecutions of President Donald Trump in Manhattan and Georgia. What these cases have in common ...

In a rare pubic statement on Monday, Melania Trump said her husband has exhibited
"alarming mental decline" since she last saw him three years ago. Mrs. Trump said that she happened to see him on television re...

Trump and Biden: The National Debt
Trunp added more to the national debt than Biden, even when discounting covid. https://www.crfb.org/papers...ional debt

the groomers will be along shortly
https://notthebee.com/artic... sex sting

Did Elon buy snopes?
https://notthebee.com/artic...ine people

finally debunked by Snopes. Seven Years Later, Snopes Says Trump Did Not Call Neo Nazis 'Very Fine People' Hey demonRatZ, YOU do recogniz...


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